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McLellan's mission statement is to keep Yelm, Yelm as it continues to grow. This means being responsible with taxpayer money, listening to what the people want, and remembering Yelm's past as it moves into the future. 

Matthew loves Yelm, but he experiences the same headaches that most residents do. The homelessness, the traffic, the lack of activities to keep our community of teenagers occupied, and the rapid growth. Whether it's water rights or pocket gophers, every town has its difficulties, and Yelm is no exception.


With these things in mind, McLellan has four priorities he will focus on if elected to city council – Maintaining Yelm’s culture, managing growth, cultivating vibrancy and volunteerism, and establishing government transparency.



Most folks move to Yelm because they like it the way it was. Growth is inevitable, though, and Yelm is no longer the one stoplight town it used to be. McLellan is proud of the culture that his ancestors had a hand in molding locally and believes that, although Yelm will grow, we can make strides to ensure the city continues to feel small. This can be accomplished by promoting small business, making neighborly efforts, and getting people involved in their community. A tight-knit community is really what gives a town its charm, and that starts with each person getting involved. Matthew leads by example with his volunteer work, public outreach, and consistent efforts to provide activities and events that the whole community can enjoy. As a councilman, he will strive to bring the whole community into that process.


While McLellan welcomes growth, he expects the city to do it at a rate the community and infrastructure can realistically sustain. This means balanced budgets, stable and affordable utilities, traffic mitigation, and job creation.



One of the best things to come from Yelm's growth is the revitalization of the community's culture through events and activities. Yelm now boasts farmers markets and BBQ Rallies, skate competitions and car shows, Jazz in the Park and swing dancing, and so much more. This is all made possible by individuals coming together with their friends, their neighbors, and their local government to make their vision for Yelm a reality. As a citizen, McLellan has been volunteering for years with various groups that help make sure Yelm is a place that truly has something for everyone. As a council member, he will make it a priority to listen to what Yelm wants and needs to become a vibrant and active community and will work with his neighbors to make it a reality. Matthew has the experience, connections, and work ethic to get it done while still being responsible with the budget. 

Government Transparency


Our current city administrators have made it their mission to make Yelm's government officials accessible to the public. McLellan's plans take that focus one step further. While the topics of importance and discussion by the council are made publicly available, they are not well promoted. Residents struggle to find ways to stay up to date on happenings and rumors drive most conversation about the city. Because he has no political aspirations and is not a career politician, McLellan will leverage his youth and new blood to create the changes that Yelm desperately needs while keeping himself and the council open, honest, and accountable. 

Additional Priorities

  • Develop water rights

  • Prevent water rates from rising faster than inflation

  • Expedite traffic solutions

  • Encourage privatized recreational, historical, and neighborly organizations

  • Develop homelessness prevention and support organizations

  • Support the downtown development plan without increasing taxes

  • Advise city investment strategy

  • Increase resident participation in decision making processes

  • Support officers in preventing property crime